In order to simplify and optimize the SRAS-CoV-2 analysis process,

BioSellal offers you a ready to use solution : 


  • Nucleic acid extraction - BioExtract® Premium Mag (BEPM1K, BEPM5K)

This SARS-CoV-2 extraction kit is available in several formats :

- 100 extractions (DEMO version)

- 1000 extractions (KingFisherTM or Pureprep plastic available upon request)

- 5000 extractions (KingFisherTM or Pureprep plastic available upon request)


The kit can be used with KingFisherTM ML, Duo, Flex, 96, Pureprep or equivalent.

With 2 extraction programs (24 or 40 min) with equivalent efficienty. 

The reagents supplied are ready to use (no addition of ethanol or isopropanol).


This triplex one step RT-PCR kit is produced under the Institut Pasteur license. It allows the real-time detection of 2 genes in one well :

- The gene E for all Sarbecovirus, including SRAS-CoV-2

- The ORF1ab, specifically for SRAS-CoV-2

- It also includes the internal control of IPC (adding in extraction step)


The kit is available in several formats : 

- 100 tests (DEMO version)

- 500 tests

- 1000 tests


The required fluorophores : FAM, VIC/HEX, Cy5, ROX. The kit is compatible with any thermocycler having at least the following channels : FAM, 6-FAL, VIC and Cy5 (e.g. ABI PRISM 7500, 7500 FAST, CFX, AriaMX, LightCycler, QuantStudio5, MX3005...).

This kit has the CE-IVD mark. It was also evaluated by the Reference National Center (CNR) for Respiratory infection viruses. The report is available online on the French Society of Microbiology (SFM).


  • Aria Mx PCR device (Agilent)

We are also able to offer you the Aria Mx (Agilent) thermocycler, a reel-time thermocycler, delivered with 4 channels (FAM, VIC, Cy5, ROX). The channels number can be increase up to 6 according to your needs. No maintenance is required as the reading is done by LED. On this type of device, an RT-PCR run lasts 1h30 in classical program or 1h in fast program, with a capacity of 96 samples by run. It can be used for any PCR kit using the determined channels.


  •  Automate d’extraction PurePrep 96

We also propose you an extraction automaton compatible with our magnetic bead extraction kit, allowing you to carry out in 24 or 40 min, the extraction of 96 samples.

The automaton has the CE-IVD regulation marking.


  • Technique

The total duration of analysis is 1h30 in short program. BioSellal proposes to help you from the set up to the interpretation of the results.