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New kit for the detection of 5 respiratory virus!

New kit for the detection of 5 respiratory virus!

Discover the Premium Dx® ColdPlex Covid & Flu & RSV: a multiplex RT-PCR kit for the detection of 5 virus!

It is composed of a ready-to-use one-step RT-PCR Master Mix, allowing the detection, in the same reaction well, the presence of: 

    • - SARS-CoV-2 (E and N gene) thanks to a 6-FAM labeling, 

    • Influenza type A and B (M gene) thanks to a Texas Red labeling,
    • - Human respiratory syncytial viruses type A and B (N gene) thanks to a VIC labeling,
    • - An endogenous internal positive control IPC (RNAse P) thanks to a Cy5 labeling. 

This kit is a CE-IVD marked in vitro diagnostic medical device. 






15µl of MM for the detection of 5 respiratory virus in a single reaction well.

Quick defrosting of one-step ready-to-use Master Mix in blue color.

An endogenous control to confirm the quality of the sample.

Can be used on all thermal cyclers with at least the 6-FAM, Texas Red, VIC, and Cy5 reading channels.

The kit is available in the format of:

- 100 tests (PREMDX005)

- 400 tests (PREMDX006) 

Carefully read the instructions in the user manuals. Manufacturer: BioSellal. Date of last modification: 08/24/2022. Version: ACTCOLD003.