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Our PCR concept.jpg

Our concept applied to PCR: providing a complete solution from the reception of the sample to obtaining the analysis results, validated according to the AFNOR U47-600 standard (1 and 2).

Nucleic acids extraction (RNA and DNA)

- Magnetic Bead and Column Extraction Kits: BioExtract® range

- PurePrep 96 extraction machines

- Adapted plastic consumables

Diagnosis of infectious disease pathogens

- PCR kits compatible with each other (identical test plugs and programs), approved by NRLs for regulated diseases

Amplification : AriaMx (Agilent)

- A new generation PCR thermocycler with simplified and economical maintenance

- Equipped with a choice of 1 to 6 filters, self-calibrating and installed directly by the customer

- Compatible with FAST and HRM modes at no extra cost

- Free software (downloadable from the Internet)

- 2-year warranty

*BioSellal is a distributor of the AriaMx on the French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese veterinary markets.

We offer complete training in PCR and PCR standards, assistance in optimizing your premises, or the installation of turnkey PCR laboratories.