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Discover Mic and Myra to equip your laboratories!

Discover Mic and Myra to equip your laboratories!

Equip yourself with the Mic thermal cycler and the Myra liquid handling system for ultimate performance.

The Mic qPCR thermal cycler and Myra liquid handling system are fast, compact, and highly accurate. Both machines are combined with intuitive software for optimal traceability and data management.  

About the Mic

World's first magnetic induction thermal cycler for qPCR.

Feel confident in your results: The Mic incorporates a unique spinning aluminum rotor that has unsurpassed temperature uniformity during both dynamic and static operations. This functionality allows it to achieve the highest level of quantification precision. The Mic qPCR thermal cycler is ready to use right out of the box. You don't need to calibrate, ever.
Get results in less time: Mic uses patented magnetic induction technology to heat your samples and blow forced air for cooling. This means qPCR results in less than 40 minutes due to rapid heating and cooling.
Intuitive software for easy use: Mic's installation has been made plug-and-play and intuitive for an exceptional user experience. Up to ten PCR instruments can be operated from a single workstation. Bluetooth technology limits wiring.
Small and portable for convenience: Mic takes up less space on the bench than your lab book. Weighing just 2kg, it is the most compact qPCR machine on the market. The custom tube format uses 0.1 mL strips of four tubes and matching caps, supporting volumes from 5μL to 30μL.


About the Myra

Myra introduces a perfectly seamless workflow with the Mic qPCR thermal cycler. Configure your Mic qPCR run, tell Myra where your tubes are, and watch Myra do the pipetting for you.

Perfect performance for a precise job: Best-in-class accuracy and precision of less than 10% for 1 μL pipetting volumes. Myra pipets even the smallest volumes reliably and consistently, day after day.

Save time on the tedious tasks: Thanks to a robust pipetting head optimized for multiple dispensing, your plates will be loaded faster than in manual mode.
Easy setup: Myra is the first liquid handling system with a built-in miniature camera and advanced vision technology to simplify robot calibration and setup. Simply show Myra the center of your well and calibration is complete. With a simple user interface that can integrate seamlessly with your PC, it is possible to set up, run and analyze in the same medium.
Smaller size means more space in the lab: At less than 10kg, Myra is half the size of other liquid handling systems in its class.


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