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Our kit for African Swine Fever detection

Our kit for African Swine Fever detection

Discover our Bio-T kit® ASFV (BIOTK085) for the detection of African Swine Fever. 


Ready-to-use RT-PCR Master Mix, allowing the detection in the same reaction well of:

African Swine Fever Virus (ASFV) – VIC chanel;

An endogenous positive control IPC – housekeeping gene (GAPDH) – Cy5 labeling, confirming :

        - Presence of sufficient quantity of host cells

        - Integrity of the nucleic acids in the sample

        - Quality of the extraction as well

        - Absence of inhibition of the amplification reaction

This kit was developed and validated according to the requirements of French standard NF U47-600-2 published by AFNOR and according to the specifications of the French National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for Classical and African Swine Fever (ANSES Ploufragan-Plouzané-Niort).

Sample Types :

Whole blood (on EDTA tube), serum, plasma, cell culture supernatants

- Organs (spleens, tonsils, lymph nodes)

- Swabs (blood or exudates)

Single or mixed assays up to 10 depending on matrix and extraction protocol

Nucleic acid (NA) extractions recommended by BioSellal:

Silica columns (ex: BioSellal - BioExtract® Column Cat. No. BEC050 or BEC250, MachereyNagel - NucleoSpin® 8 Virus, Cat No. 740643)

Silica columns (e.g. Cador Pathogen 96 Qiacube HT Kit Cat N°5461) only for blood, serum, plasma, and cell culture supernatant matrices

- Magnetic beads (e.g. BioSellal - BioExtract® SuperBall® Cat N° BES384)

This kit is validated on KingFisher™, PurePrep 96, or equivalent thermal cyclers.

We also offer the Bio-T kit® CSFV & ASFV (BIOTK074) for the simultaneous detection of Classical Swine Fever (CSFV) and African Swine Fever (ASFV). 


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