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Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!

Winter is coming and so are the diseases:

Discover our bovine respiratory packs

PCR diagnosis of respiratory diseases

Our kits, which can be used in packs, allow the simultaneous detection of 2 to 10 major pathogens involved in acute respiratory disorders in young cattle.


- PI3

- Coronavirus Bovin

- Influenza D

- Pasteurella Multocida 

- Mannheimia haemolytica

- Mycoplasma bovis

- Histophilus somni

- IBR gB

- IBR gE


All Master Mixes are ready to use and each kit allows the detection of 2 pathogens.

Adapted matrices 

- Deep nasopharyngeal swab

- Trans-tracheal suction fluid

- Bronchoalveolar lavage

- Organs (lungs)

The benefits

- Analytical packages, multi-kits of your choice

- Excellent diagnostic sensitivity

- Optimized extraction stages (one extraction method for all kits)

- Common PCR program for DNA and RNA pathogens

You will obtain a rapid, reliable and, simultaneous differential diagnosis to establish the most appropriate prophylaxis and treatment modalities.

- Bio-T kit® Coronavirus Bovin & Influenza D : BIOTK053 / 50 tests

- Bio-T kit® BoRSV & PI3BIOTK054 / 50 tests

- Bio-T kit® Mannheimia haemolytica & Pasteurella MultocidaBIOTK051 / 50 tests

- Bio-T kit® Mycoplasma bovis & Histophilus somniBIOTK052 / 50 tests

- Bio-T kit® BHV1 DIVA (IBR gB & IBR gE) : BIOTK098 / 50 tests

- Bio-T kit® BHV1 & BVDV (IBR gE & BVDV) : BIOTK106 / 50 tests

BioSellal is at your disposal for any questions: