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Bio-T kit® BVDV/BDV Universal

New product

Our Bio-T kit® BVDV/BDV Universal allows the detection of the 5'UTR region of ruminant Pestiviruses (BVDV, BDV), following nucleic acid extraction and Flash lysis in 10 minutes for ear biopsies. It is a triplex kit:

  • BVDV (1,2 and 3) and other pestiviruses of Ruminants in FAM,
  • exogenous IPC in VIC,
  • endogenous IPC in CY5.

It is validated by the NRL BVD in France on-ear biopsies (Individuals and Mixtures of 10) and on sera (Individuals and Mixtures of 10) and it is usable on EDTA blood, on tissues, and individual or mixed milk.

Approved LNR BVD for ear biopsies and serum.

Companion products: 

  • quantified RNA of BVDV/ BDV (ref. cARN-BVDV-001)
  • BVDV/ BDV titrated viral suspension (ref. SV-BVDV-001)
  • BVDV ear biopsy MRI (ref. BA-BVD-001)
  • BVDV serum MRI (NED level) (ref. SER-BVD-001)
  • BVDV blood MRI (ref. SG-BVD-001)

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you wish to receive the technical documentation for this kit.

Species All ruminants
Method RT-qPCR
Number of tests 100, 400 (4x100) or 4000 (only on demand)
Filtres FAM (BVDV/BDV), VIC (exogenous IPC), Cy5 (endogenous IPC)
Line Major pathogens

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