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Bio-T kit® Coronavirus bovin & Influenza D V2

New product

The Bio-T kit® Bovine Coronavirus & Influenza D V2 (Cat. N° BIOTK142) contains a ready-to-use one-step RT-PCR Master Mix allowing the detection in the same reaction well of:

- Bovine Coronavirus (BCoV) with a 6-FAM labelling

- Influenza virus type D (FluD) with a VIC labelling

- An Endogenous internal positive control IPC (beta-actin), with a Cy5 labelling, to assess the presence of sufficient amount of host cells, sample integrity, nucleic acids extraction quality and absence of RT-PCR inhibitors.

This kit, based on qualitative detection (detected or non-detected) was developed and validated according to the French regulatory standard NF U47-600-2 edited by AFNOR.

Sample types

- Organs and exudate (lungs)

- Deep Nasopharyngeal Swab (DNS)

- Trans-tracheal aspiration liquid (TTA)

- Alveolar bronchial washing (ABW)

- Individual analysis or by pool up to 3 according to the matrix

*The manuals to download are available for information only. To ensure the latest applicable version, please contact the Biosellal technical department.

Eco-epidemiology of Influenza D virus: host range assessment and evaluation of emergence risk

Work carried out by Ms. Justine OLIVA, Ph.D., as part of her thesis.

Species Bovins
Method RT-PCR
Number of tests 50
Filtres FAM (Coronavirus), VIC (Influenza D), Cy5 (endogenous IPC)
Line Respiratory

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