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Bio-T kit® AIV genotypes H5 & H7 V2

New product

The Bio-T kit® AIV genotypes H5 & H7 V2 contains a ready-to-use one-step RT-PCR Master Mix allowing the detection in the same reaction well of:

  • Influenza virus type A genotype H5 targeting the H5 gene (6-FAM),
  • Influenza virus type A genotype H7 targeting the H7 gene (VIC),
  • An exogenous internal positive control IC (RNA) to be added during the nucleic acids extraction to validate the nucleic acids extraction quality and the absence of inhibition of the amplification reaction (Texas Red),
  • An endogenous internal positive control IPC (targeting a beta-actin) to assess the presence of a sufficient amount of host cells, sample integrity, nucleic acids extraction quality, and absence of RT-PCR inhibitors (Cy5).

Sample types:

  • Tracheal or oropharyngeal swabs

  • Cloacal swabs

  • Organs or organs homogenates

  • Cloths or boot cloths

  • Individual analysis or by pool up to 5, according to local regulations to the type of matrix and, unless otherwise indicated, according to the animal species, the geographical origin, and the sampling date.

This kit has been developed following the prescriptions of the French standard NF U47-600-2 edited by the AFNOR. It is validated by the French National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for Avian Influenza (ANSES, Ploufragan-Plouzané).

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you wish to receive the technical documentation for this kit.

Method RT-qPCR
Number of tests 50 or 100 (2 x 50)
Filtres 6-FAM, VIC, Texas Red, and Cy5

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