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Evaluation of Bio-T kit® BVDV/BDV Universal on MIC qPCR system


Developed by Bio Molecular Systems (BMS), the MIC is a qPCR system based on magnetic induction. Compact and easy to install, the MIC allows shorter run durations while ensuring high-quality results.


Diseases in cattle represent both a sanitary and an economic threat. This is why it is crucial to develop diagnostic methods that are fast, efficient, and accurate. In this context, the MIC shows high potential in improving existing qPCR diagnostic methods with minimal changes.

As a feasibility study, we aimed to determine if the performances of Bio-T kit® BVDV/BDV universal, initially obtained on a conventional qPCR thermal cycler, are conserved on a MIC qPCR system.

MAP_compressed2.pngMIC 3.png


Various samples have been analyzed on a conventional qPCR thermal cycler and on a MIC. The samples include:

     • A synthetic BVDV RNA serially diluted with 10-fold steps to create a standard;

     • Weak positive samples of serum near the limit of detection;

     • 2023 PTS (BVD) Bovine Virus Diarrhea virus and antigen detection (VLDIA286) samples have been analyzed.

The conventional qPCR thermal cycler uses the validated 85 minutes program while the MIC uses a shorter 65 minutes program. The MIC program used is compatible with other Bio-T kit®, namely Bio-T kit® Avian & Swine Influenza V2, Bio-T kit® Bovine Coronavirus & Influenza D V2, and Bio‑T kit®Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis.


RNA standard: 

Weak positive samples (serum) near the limit of detection:

2023 PTS (BVD) Bovine Virus Diarrhea virus and antigen detection (VLDIA286):

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