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Instant Viral Lysis (IVL)

New product

The Instant Viral Lysis IVL buffer is a quick lysis solution for total nucleic acids extraction in 5 minutes without purification for the research of ruminants pestiviruses with the Bio-T kit® BVDV/BDV Universal.

Validated by the French National Reference Laboratory (NRL) for BVD (ANSES, Ploufragan-Plouzané-Niort).

Sample types: 

- Ear notches

- Individual analysis or by pool up to 25

Key points :

- 5 minutes of Flash Lysis at 95± 1.5 in IVL buffer

- Direct use of the lysate at RT-PCR

- Protocol is validated only for use with Bio-T kit® BVDV/BDV Universal from ear notches

Do not hesitate to contact us at the email address if you want to receive the technical documentation of this product.

Number of tests For lysis of 100 individual biopsies (1 x 10ml), 500 individual biopsies (5 x 10ml) or 1000 individual biopsies (1 x 100ml)

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