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BioExtract ® Premium Mag

New product

This nucleic acid extraction and purification kit is suitable for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 from nasopharyngeal, buccal-pharyngeal swab eluates, and saliva. It has 2 extraction programs (24 min or 40 min) of equivalent efficiency.

It can be used with KingFisherTM ML, Duo, Flex, 96, Pureprep, or equivalent, and the reagents provided are ready to use (no added ethanol or isopropanol).

KingFisherTM or Pureprep plastic available upon request.

*The manuals to download are available for information only. To ensure the latest applicable version, please contact the Biosellal technical department.

Number of tests 100 (DEMO version), 1000 or 5000

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