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AriaMx - Real-Time PCR system

New product

Discover the total confidence combined with the speed, agility, and precision of the AriaMx.

The AriaMx Real-Time PCR is an integrated qPCR amplification, detection, and data analysis system.

It comes with 4 filters: SYBR/FAM, ROX, HEX, and CY5.

The system's modular design combines an ultra-modern thermocycler, a high-performance optical system with spectrally optimized LED cartridges, and data analysis software. The system uses a complete software suite integrated with the machine and on the PC, optimized for reliable qPCR results.


2-year basic warranty with the possibility of a 3-year extended warranty, for a total of 5 years.


We also offer training in the use of the AriaMx: our technical manager will train you and accompany you in your first steps with the thermal cycler. Length of training: 2 days.

Method RT-qPCR
Filtres SYBR/FAM, ROX, HEX et CY5

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